• August, 2014

FENDI presents a special and unique artisticproject for windows featuring Blue and Joy

20 aug 2014

blue and joy_HK 07

FENDI is pleased to announce a collaboration with Berlin based Italian artduo Fabio La Fauci and Daniele Sigalot for the design of its upcoming windows in selected stores worldwide from September 2014 featuring Blue and Joy.

Fabio and Daniele are two artists who work together as a collaborative duo called Blue and Joy since 2005. They are dreamers in a world where contradictions and questions stimulate adventures and characters, always linked by a thin red line, the one of surprise and alienation.
A whirlpool of more than 4.000 multicolored sculptures reproducing paper airplanes, apparently fragile and light, while actually crafted in aluminum will invade windows of 27 FENDI boutique worldwide, creating a vortex of shapes and colors, starting with Hong Kong Landmark ending up in main capitals during the fashion weeks like Milan, Paris, New York and London, but also Rome, Munich, Prague, Tokyo, Taipei, Beijing, Seoul, and so on.
FENDI’s new boutique in Hong Hong Landmark, opening in August, will also feature a bespoke Blue and Joy installation, composed of flying paper planes in shades of copper, silver and gold, unable to share the same direction and therefore going everywhere, an installation both dynamic and static, that exploits again the contradictions that are the trademark of any artwork crafted by the duo.
This work sums up in one single piece the entire collaboration between FENDI and Blue and Joy that saw their paper planes, who were already exhibited in the Triennale Museum in Milan and in Palazzo Reale in Naples, reaching each possible corner of the globe.

The house of FENDI was established by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in Rome in 1925 with the opening of the first FENDI boutique– a handbag shop and fur workshop. Soon winning international acclaim, FENDI emerged as a brand renowned for its elegance, craftsmanship, innovation and style. In 1965, the collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld begins and continues today. In 1992 Silvia Venturini Fendi is appointed FENDI’s accessories creative director. In 2000 the LVMH Group acquires FENDI becoming in 2001 its majority shareholder. Today FENDI is synonymous with tradition, experimentation and creativity.

Blue and Joy is the name of the duo created by artists Fabio La Fauci (Milan 1977) and Daniele Sigalot (Rome 1976) in the year 2005. Since then, the two friends have been moving throughout europe eventually establishing their headquarter in Berlin, where they opened their studio and named it La Pizzeria, an ironical answer to Warhol’s Factory and also a faithful clichè of italians working abroad. Since then they have established their name for their mix of experiences and their prolific techniques, ranging from classic oil painting to unconventional mosaics made of buttons, capsules, coin or even candies, till their iconic use of aluminium turned into paper, which brought their paper planes to hit the walls and ground of the majestic locations of Palazzo Reale museum in Naples or La Triennale museum in Milan. Recently their artworks also reached the shores of Miami (solo show in the Freedom Tower Museum + artistic residency in Wynwood) and the ones of China (Nanjing Biennal and the 2nd Italy-China Biennal in Bejing) as well as many other exhibitions around the world.