Galleria Ca’ d’Oro is pleased to present An Inevitable Success, a ten-year anniversary exhibition by artists Blue and Joy curated by Gloria Porcella.

 Ten years ago, two comic book characters named Blue and Joy made their debut in a t-shirt shop in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. They had been created by the minds of two advertisers, Fabio La Fauci and Daniele Sigalot. Fauci and Sigalot had become fed up of delivering positive and inspirational messages through their ads. Blue and Joy were doomed to persevere through discouraging adventures without happy endings, a message juxtaposed from that of commercial advertising.

After the characters’ debut, La Fauci and Sigalot, along with Blue and Joy, began an artistic career that took them to exhibitions in all the main European capitals and eventually all over the world. As years went by, the artists’’ body of work and style continued to grow and develop. Eventually, the artists were able to quit their jobs in advertising to focus on art full time.

The artists, now free of the characters that brought them their original popularity, became known as “Blue and Joy”. They moved to Berlin, where they opened a studio and named it “La Pizzeria”. La Pizzeria is a tongue –in-cheek reference to Italian stereotypes.

At La Pizzeria, the duo created more and more artwork, eventually reaching the walls of the Triennial Museum in Milan, The Freedom Tower in Miami, the royal Palace of Naples, and the Church of Saint Matthew, where they gave life to the installation known as “The Angle of God”, a very complex work that saw the interaction of three massive mosaics made of mirrors laying on the church’s floor and lit by the sun coming through the church’s single round window.

In order to properly tell the 10 year journey of Blue and Joy, the exhibition will show a vast array of mediums like; their mosaics made of pills, paper planes made of aluminum (used globally in a collaboration with the Italian fashion powerhouse Fendi), ironic videos, oil paintings, ad their iconic Post-It art notes. More than 100 works will be on display at Galleria Ca’ d’Oro’s Chelsea space. The collaboration between Blue and Joy and Ca’ d’Oro continues after their residency in Miami this past March and the exhibition held together at the Freedom Tower Museum in 2011.