L’amore non si cura

14 Jan - 28 Feb 2011, Barcelona (Spain)

Blue and Joy retrace their steps and return to the city that saw their debut in 2005.
This time though they will not show their works in a fashion shop like they did back in the days, but in the historical Manel Mayoral Gallery in the very heart of Barcelona.

Such a significant come back shall be celebrated with a firework combination of artworks that for a month will fill Manel Mayoral Gallery in every available inch of space.  All our deepest apologies to the masters of the Art Universe who usually dominate this gallery (Picasso, Mirò, Dalì…) and that will have to spend some times with our oil paintings, mosaics, sculptures and all our other attempts to do something worth with our hands, hearts and minds.

Among the many works displayed in this amazing gallery there is a small series dedicated to the dictators of the Football world, FC Barcelona, whose Captain Puyol honored us with his presence (and with the even more enchanting presence of his breathtaking stunningly beautiful wife).