Ode to ADHD (Attentional Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

06th Dec 2013 - 1st March 2014, Die Kunstagentin, Cologne (Germany)

Blue and Joy is the name of an italian art duo based in Berlin. Made by Fabio La Fauci (Milan 1977) and Daniele Sigalot (Rome 1976) the Blue and Joy project has been moving its headquarter throughout Europe, hitting Milan, Barcelona and London before establishing its roots in Berlin in the springtime of 2008. The exhibition “Ode to ADHD” marks their debut in Cologne.

The title of the exhibition expresses the centrifugal and kaleidoscopic nature of this duo, who likes to skip from media to media, following the thin line of their ironic conceptualism. From traditional oil paintings, reloaded in a new bipolar essence in the series named “Studies”, to the obsessive work behind their manic mosaics made of capsules, Blue and Joy keep on raising the bar of their works searching constantly for new ways and new materials to express themselves.

Hyperactivity and the incapacity to focus on just one thing are very well shown in the variety of artworks with whom they literally invaded Cologne. An army of 160 paper planes made of aluminium, a ping pong table made of cut mirrors representing the eternal dualism between rationality and creativity, fiberglass sculptures,rosewindows made of candies and many more. 2013 has been extremely pro- ductive (they exposed in Milan, Basel, Lucca, Barcelona and Turin) and enabled presenting the impressive installation “the Angle of God” in the amazing location of the Church of Saint Matthew in Lucca, Tuscany.

After Cologne, the prolific duo will finish this incredible year with their first presence in a museum, withthemassiveinstallation“Even the Wind gets lost”, in which 300 paper planes will fill one of the walls of the Triennale in Milan.