Hai voluto le ali?

16 Dec 2014 - 16 Apr 2015, 1 Opera - Napoli (Italy)
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Dopo soli sei mesi dalla grande mostra tenutasi a Palazzo Reale quest’estate, il duo Blue and Joy,  al secolo Daniele Sigalot (Roma, 1976) e Fabio La Fauci (Milano, 1977) torna a Napoli per presentare una nuova installazione presso la Galleria 1 Opera. La mostra intitolata “HAI VOLUTO LE ALI?”, riempirà letteralmente gli spazi della galleria, portando [...]

Even the wind gets lost in Napoli

03 July 2014 - 03 Sept 2014, Palazzo Reale, Napoli (Italy)
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  Press Release The Superintendence for Architectural, Landscape, Historical, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Heritage of Naples and its Province together with Visioni Future are pleased to present Even the wind gets lost in Napoli, an exhibit by artists Blue and Joy. The Royal Palace of Naples, Palazzo Reale, will host the exhibition from July 3 to [...]

My childhood is getting older

24 Jan 2014 - 23 Feb 2014, Museo di Palazzo Poggi, Bologna (Italy)
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The area dedicated to science and the arts in the Palazzo Poggi museum prompted the Blue and Joy duo (Fabio Le Fauci and Daniele Sigalot) to readapt and harmonize both their works and materials. The works exhibited are their Paper Planes, Aereoplanini, made of painted aluminum which, in their explicit homage to Boetti, in a [...]

Even The Wind Gets Lost + Dear Design

12 Dec 2013 - 01 Jan 2014, Triennale di Milano, Milan (Italy)
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  The Triennale Design Museum presents Dear Design + Even the wind gets lost, an exhibit of artists Blue and Joy, curated by Lorenzo Palmeri, opening on Tuesday December 10th at 9.30 p.m. The Berlin-based Italian duo (Fabio La Fauci, Milan , 1977 and Daniel Sigalot , Rome, 1976) “lands” at the Triennale with over [...]

Ode to ADHD (Attentional Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

06th Dec 2013 - 1st March 2014, Die Kunstagentin, Cologne (Germany)
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Blue and Joy is the name of an italian art duo based in Berlin. Made by Fabio La Fauci (Milan 1977) and Daniele Sigalot (Rome 1976) the Blue and Joy project has been moving its headquarter throughout Europe, hitting Milan, Barcelona and London before establishing its roots in Berlin in the springtime of 2008. The [...]

The Angle of God

27 July - 14 Sept 2013, Chiesa di San Matteo, Lucca (Italy)
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ENGLISH   Claudio Poleschi Arte Contemporanea e prometeogallery of Ida Pisani, are pleased to announce that the personal exhibition “The Angle of God” by Blue and Joy will be inaugurated on Saturday July 27th 2013 at the Church of San Matteo, in Lucca Tuscany. The exhibit, designed and built for this venue, has been curated [...]

Artrissima 1

6 - 30 April 2013, Artra Gallery, Milan (Italy)
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ARTRISSIMA 1, prima edizione di una rassegna che si pone come un inedito display per la conoscenza delle varie discipline artistiche, attraverso le posizioni radicali attuate dagli stessi artisti nelle loro ricerche, presentandone così una originale campionatura. Il titolo è un neologismo ideato per questa mostra, dove l’uso del superlativo assoluto che tanto appartiene al [...]

The Superficial Essence of a Deep Appearance (Milan)

16 Jan - 16 Feb 2013, Artra Gallery, Milan (Italy)
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“Contemporaries rightly tend to thin out excessive punctuation. But they are also willing to abolish it completely, at times in an excess of refinement, at times due to manifest ignorance.” (Francesco Flora)  “The Artist must have the ability to experience. He or she must be able to live within forms. That is, on the basis [...]

Out of the Blue

30 jun - 01 July 2012, Monte Carlo (Principality of Monaco)
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This exhibition assembles more than 20 of the most recent works of the two artists, included the “Stamps Series”, a celebration of Riva  world (historical boat company) and of the main characters of their project: Blue and Joy. The works of this series are reproductions in big measures of stamps on aluminum. In the last years [...]

The discipline of chaos

26 - 30 Jan 2012, Bologna (Italy)
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The first act of 2012 brings Blue and Joy to Bologna, for a double show split between ARTEFIERA and the solo exhibition “The discipline of Chaos” at the BET studio curated by Eli Sassoli de’ Bianchi. Both shows feature a massive use of aluminum treated and displayed in order to look like paper or paperplanes. [...]

The wind doesn’t have a plan

22 Nov - 16 Dec 2011, Miami (Florida)
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The U.S. debut of Blue and Joy takes place inside the beautiful Freedom Tower Museum, where literally all the artworks from the Italian artistic duo have landed. Among the many pieces showed in Miami there is an air fleet of 15 paperplanes made of aluminium.  The impressive “army” also gives the name to the exhibition: [...]

Roma Caput Somnii

05 - 30 Nov 2011, Rome (Italy)
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After 6 years Blue and Joy return to the eternal city and they do it paying a mayor tribut to Rome and its cults, may them be pagan, christian or political. More than 20 pieces hosted by Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, including oil paintings portraying religious superstars such as Jupiter, Mars, Holy Mary and a magnificent [...]

Blue and Joy and the broken kaleidoscope

01 - 05 March 2011, Milan (Italy)
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Blue and Joy bring in Milan their colorful circus and they display simultaneously all their creative power. A massive solo show featuring all the techniques so far mastered by the italian duo: oil paintings, a variety of different mosaics made of coins, pills, and buttons, fiberglass sculptures, drippings, stencils,  photographs, acrylic paintings, aluminium installations, and [...]

L’amore non si cura

14 Jan - 28 Feb 2011, Barcelona (Spain)
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Blue and Joy retrace their steps and return to the city that saw their debut in 2005. This time though they will not show their works in a fashion shop like they did back in the days, but in the historical Manel Mayoral Gallery in the very heart of Barcelona. Such a significant come back [...]

Blue and Joy VS the Mayan prophecy

11 - 24 Dec 2009, Milan (Italy)
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  Blue and Joy challange the Mayan and their prophecy with a 1000 sealed envelopes containing misterious artworks to be opened only after the 21st of December 2012. Who will be right? If the Mayan prophecy is correct and the world ends on that day, Blue and Joy are willing to pay back those who invested in [...]

Dream Hunters

15 Oct 2009, London (England)
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To celebrate the opening of the Frieze art fair, Ferragamo has invited Blue and Joy to storm its showroom in Bond Street and turn it into a Blue and Joy extravanganza. The main piece of the exhibition is a massive mosaic made of approximately 35.000 vintage Ferragamo buttons.

A 3D Misadventure

10 June - 18 July 2009, Milan (Italy)
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  • guilty.
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  Blue and Joy go tridimensional as they present their first body of works with fiberglass sculptures. 12 brand new artworks featuring handcrafted figures of the artistic duo.

Faster than dreams

03 - 04 Apr 2009, Turin (Italy)
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Blue and Joy bring their colorful army to Turin for the first time. The solo show, featuring more than 30 different artworks including a massive fiberglass sculpture of Blue, will be host inside Lapo Elkann’s creative agency Independent Ideas.

Greatest failures

27 Nov - 1 Dec 2008, Milan (Italy)
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Blue and Joy put on their fancy clothes and present a whole new body of work in the classy atmosphere of Spazio Borgonuovo. Mosaics, paintings, sculptures and second hand dreams are just few of the pieces that will be on show for a month in one of the classiest street of Milan. Don’t miss Elio Fiorucci introduction to the [...]

Un fiasco dopo l’altro

17 Sep - 27 Oct 2008, Padua (Italy)
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Padova welcomes Blue and Joy first exhibition in Veneto, showing a variety of works that will fill the 3 floors of Spazio Tindaci. Along with the main pieces “Captain Blue” and “Astro Joy” guests of the exhibition will be able to purchase the “pocket size shooting stars” of Blue and Joy along with other curious gadgets that the artistic duo [...]

Toward disaster with optimism

06 Mar - 06 Apr 2008, London (England)
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Blue and Joy travel toward the court of HM the Queen for their debut in UK. The Chelsea Gallery of Bernard Chauchet hosts 30 new artworks from the italian artistic duo. Roman Abramovic doesn’t show up though, but his favorite striker, Andrij Schevchenko does, and immediately becomes a collector of Blue and Joy after having [...]

The seventh discouraging exibition of Blue and Joy

26 Apr 2007, Paris (France)
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Blue and Joy grab their french vocabulary and from their London residence they cross the channel and reach Paris for their debut under the Eiffel Tower. The exhibition is also followed by Mtv Italy who shows the opening night in one of its program. The french wine fits perfectly to the blue and joy poetic [...]

The sixth discouraging exhibition of Blue and Joy

01 - 31 July 2006, Ibiza (Spain)
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Blue and Joy land in Ibiza. The party island of the mediterranean sea welcomes the two friends in the suggestive location of Atzarò. More than 500 squared meters are available for Blue and Joy to tell their stories through their colors and words. The rest of the magic is provided by the spanish sunset.

The first discouraging exhibition of Blue and Joy

24 Sept - 30 Nov 2005, Barcelona (Spain)
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Blue and Joy’s debut into the art world takes place in a fashion shop in the heart of the Barrio Gotico in Barcelona during september 2005. The show features the first paintings on cardboard and canvas, a variety of discoraging gadget such as the Teardrop saver, and a series of silkscreened t-shirt. The 1000 flyers distributed [...]