Siam come le lucciole

Rocca delle Macìe: Art, culture and environmental sustainability.

From a depth analysis of these themes, there is a new moment of meeting and incentive to awarness with an Exhibition that becomes a sensory journey

through “light” painting

 In the two locations owned by Zingarelli family in Castellina in Chianti, in the heart of Chianti Classico, Rocca delle Macìe and Relais Riserva di Fizzano – an ancient medieval hamlet from XI century – it will be possible visit, from the 21st of May to the 31st of October 2015, the exhibition Siam come le lucciole, a project by the artist Raimondo Galeano and curated by Simona Gavioli.

 A society more and more sensible to energy saving with the use of renewable energy sources such as sun, sea, wind and the heat of the Earth, in other words those sources whose current use does not compromise its future availability and do not delineate a time of exhaustion: born with this premise, the project Siam come le lucciole aims, in the International Year of Light (IYL 2015), to investigate the poetics of some artists who, through the use of luminous paint, use light as an artistic expression and as a message to raise attention on the use and saving of light.

This way of making art causes a total inversion of “traditional” painting and upsets the mental canons of the viewer in front of a painting: darkness normally cancels perception but, in this case, makes it possible. This inversion makes the visibility of the artwork the active principle of the artistic technique. Raimondo Galeano, who normally uses this technique, wanted to involve other artists who have individually approached these luminescent paintings incentivizing them to use new generation photo-luminescent powders. Intrigued and always looking to go “beyond”, they have accepted the challenge and tested themselves in the creation of artworks with the use of light without betraying their poetics. A project that has impressed the Zingarelli family, which decided to became promoter of the initiative and to house and display the artworks in its locations.

The group of international artists, who have a significant artistic path in contemporary art, is composed by: Karin Andersen, Matteo Basilé, BlueandJoy, Fabrizio Campanella, Francesco Casolari, Massimo Catalani, Marc Egger, Raimondo Galeano, Michael Gambino, Alessandro Lupi, Giorgio Lupattelli, Vincenzo Marsiglia, Luigi Mastrangelo, Luca Moscariello, Massimiliano Pelletti, Omar Ronda, Nicola Rotiroti, Veronica Santandrea, Franco Savignano and Cristiano Tassinari.

The exhibition opening will be the 21st of May 2015 at 19.00 in the presence of Sergio and Daniela and the Zingarelli family, painter Raimondo Galeano and curator Simona Gavioli.


Relais Riserva di Fizzano – Rocca delle Macìe, Loc. Le Macìe 45, Castellina in Chianti (SI)

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